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Tristar GHS Labeling

On the Seas, In the Air, & On the Ground, Tristar's GHS Labeling is There to Ensure Your Safety.

About Us

Chemical products, from production to handling, transport and use, may cause real danger to human health and the environment. People of any age with different language backgrounds, of diverse social groups, are facing dangerous goods on a daily basis (chemicals, pesticides, etc.) GHS is a recognized internationally harmonized classification and labeling system to provide the basic ground for chemical handling, transport, use and disposal. GHS will minimize the risk to human body and health as well as the environment. GHS reduces the risk of chemical use in the workplace to better protect the workers. People will better understand the potential chemical hazards and protective measures should be given to ensure chemical products are handled, used and disposed properly and safely. Understanding the risks and dangers of chemical products, employers can greatly reduce workplace injuries caused by improper use and handling of chemicals and promote productivity at the same time by educating chemical users of GHS regulations.

After years of research and development, with reference to the UN Purple Book (Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS)) ,Tristar Aero Technology, INC has incorporated a massive amount of chemical manufacturers’ MSDS and thus developed a very user friendly GHS software that only requires users to input Part Number, Lot or Batch Number, Date of Manufacture or Ship Date , as well as the Expiration Date specific to the shipment. Our massive MSDS data base is frequently updated and allows subscribed users to print MSDS 24/7.

Our GHS label software features part number , product name, manufacturer name, lot number , date of manufacture or ship date , expiration date as well as warning messages depicted by pictograms on the label required by regulation. Combined with HMIS (Hazardous Materials Identification System) and the UN IATA code in our labeling software , suppliers can accurately identify if the chemical product is hazardous or non hazardous to ship via Ground, Air and Ocean. Our GHS label software is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (Traditional / Simplified), Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese, Our technical team is available 24/7 to help solve problems users may have. We believe our powerful GHS labeling software will help members reduce cost and facilitate order shipment process. Our quality product and service will keep you informed, updated and most importantly to stay compliant with the current regulations.

Tristar Aero Technology INC, welcomes the chemical suppliers / distributors to join our membership. Our GHS labeling software will help reduce the risk and danger of chemical products and it keeps consumers well informed on chemical product use.