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Tristar GHS Labeling

On the Seas, In the Air, & On the Ground, Tristar's GHS Labeling is There to Ensure Your Safety.


Demo Video

Step 1: Please visit then click on the Login icon.

Step 2: Please enter your user ID and Password.

Step 3: Enter PN under Product Label on the top left side of the page.
For example, the following product is listed under Product Name: LOCTITE 3034 PO RESIN 490ML, IDH number: 966474 and Item number:966474_193138 based on the MSDS. You may choose to enter either product name, IDH number or Item number to search.

Step 4: Verify the manufacturer of the product (Henkel in this case) and the language of the label you wish to pring out (English) then click on the select button:

Step 5: Fill in LOT NO, DOM (date of manufacture), DOS (date of shipment) and DOE (date of expiration) information. Please note that all fields must be filled in order to preview and print the labels. If it doesn't apply, please enter N/A.

Step 6: Click on Preview PDF button. You have the option to shrink or enlarge the preview label.

Step 7: Choose and click on the size of the label you wish to print. We have 3 options: 2x4, 4x6 and letter sized labels.

Step 8: Click on the PDF file on the left bottom of the above screen. Your customized GHS label is ready.

**If you receive a product without the SDS or MSDS, we've got you covered! Our SDS database is updated. Just click on the Download MSDS button, then click on the SDS file on the bottom left of the page to print the SDS**