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Tristar GHS Labeling

On the Seas, In the Air, & On the Ground, Tristar's GHS Labeling is There to Ensure Your Safety.


Whether you are an industrial, aerospace or consumer product manufacturer, authorized distributor, reseller or end user, Tristar Aero Technology Inc. welcomes and invites you to join our GHS software system. Please contact us NOW to get you started with our free 30 day risk free trial!

Please refer to the following pricing charts of your choice:

One year membership fee based on the number of users:

1 User

$650.00 USD/User

2 Users

$620.00 USD/User (Two users: $1240.00 USD Total) 

3 Users

$590.00 USD/User (Three users$1770.00 USD Total, For additional user(s), please add $590.00 USD/User)

Two or Three year membership fee for one single user:

Two years members

$1240.00 USD Total  

Three years members

$1770.00 USD Total

Two or Three year membership fee for two users:

Two year membership

$2360.00 USD Total

Three year members

$3360.00 USD Total

Two or Three year membership fee for three users:

Two years members

$3360.00 USD Total ($1120.00 USD for additional user)

Three years members

$4770.00 USD Total ($1590.00 USD for additional user )

Basic terms and conditions against 30 day free trial and the above membership contract:

  1. We do not offer personal membership applications. Your company information must be provided as a supplier of said chemical products to set up your membership. As a software provider, we do not provide printers and labels at the moment.
  2. Please visit our home page to register. Upon receipt of your registration, we will email you your log in ID and password. Our free 30 day risk free trial starts from the date we email you the ID and password and ends on the 30th password on August 01, 2014, your free trial will end on August 30, 2014. We will contact you or you can contact us prior to your free 30 day trial date to let us know if you choose to continue using our product trial expires.
  3. By signing the year contract, you agree to abide and use the product based on the contract type you sign up and no cancellation is allowed and no refund will be given if you choose not to use the product prior to your year contract expiration date.